Why You Should Always Use a Professional for Your Paving Needs

What to Expect from a Professional Paving Contractor


paving contractor is a professional who builds paved surfaces, that can include the likes of sidewalks, roads and concrete floors. They often work on bigger projects, like airport runways. These contractors are hired by home and business owners, and sometimes municipal agencies to pave new surfaces. Most will specialize in residential or commercial work, although a few can do both, however, it will all depend on the size of the project and what kind of equipment is needed.


The residential paving contractor will meet with prospective clients and offer estimates in order to try and secure new jobs. They could be hired to install a new driveway, patio or concrete floor, or, they could be brought in to repair steps or walkways. Some contractors focus mainly on landscape paving, which will include installing poured surfaces and laying stone pavers or exterior tiles.


Commercial paving contractors provide estimates for jobs in the shape of a bid, and the lowest bidder is sometimes given the job. In commercial settings, the paving contractor sometimes reports to a general contractor, and not directly to the owner. They are responsible for pouring floors, walkways or parking lots. Contractors that work on municipal jobs could lay new roads and sidewalks, or be brought in to repair cracks, potholes, and other damage on pre- existing surfaces.


Almost all paving work is done by using large and heavy machinery. A contractor could use a paving machine in order to smooth out a new road surface, or an excavator will be brought in to prepare the ground for the paving. Large tamping machines will flatten out dirt and gravel surfaces, and concrete trucks will ensure concrete is on hand ready to be poured.



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