Want a More Natural Look for Your Pathways?

What Are the Different Kinds of Natural Paving a Professional Paving Contractor Works With?

Should you be considering natural paving for your home or business, there is numerous option now available. For ease and quality, most people will hire a professional paving company to perform the installation. Professionals are able to provide expert advice and recommendations regarding the kinds of stones that can be used to ensure the most natural landscaping possible. Some common paving stones range from flagstone, travertine pavers, and cobblestone. Natural stone pavers are take from stone quarries, and every company must stick to strict guidelines when it comes to mining for these stones.

Cobblestone is possibly the most well known, not to mention one of the oldest kinds of natural stone that is used for natural paving. It was regularly used in Europe and America when building roads. Designers and landscapers like using cobblestone when creating a more traditional look for landscaping. Originally, cobblestones were found in riverbeds where the water had worn their surfaces to a smooth and round texture. Cobblestones, however, are now quarried by mining companies and taken to a factory where they are shaped and rounded mechanically.

Flagstone is another natural paving stone and is basically any kind of quarried stone. Unlike cobblestone, flagstone has always been shaped into flat and thin pieces to ensure easy installation in driveways and the like. Thanks to its versatility, variety in colors, resistant to rot and very low maintenance, makes it a popular choice for paving. Flagstone, however, is more expensive than other pavers, but using natural stone will add more value to your property.

Similar to cobblestone, travertine pavers are another old stone which is frequently used to create natural roads and landscaping. The use of this paving dates back to before the Roman Empire and is said to be an extremely durable and long lasting material. Travertine is easily identified by the pitted surface holes. And depending on the intended use, it can be left in its natural pitted state or smoothed done.

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